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8 Apps to Keep You Productive – Even While Working Business Development at a Tradeshow!

Conducting business development at a tradeshow can be all-consuming … and can be a challenge for even the most efficient multi-tasker. “Did you confirm those dinner reservations for tomorrow’s prospect meeting?” “The new info is in for the product brief, so how are you going to present it?” “Who was that guy you met at the last show … the one from Minneapolis?”
Work doesn’t stop when you’re working a show. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our favorite apps to help you stay engaged while being pulled in a multitude of directions on the tradeshow floor:
1. Workflow
This app is all about saving time. It allows you to customize your phone to maximize efficiency. You can create shortcuts for any activity you do on a regular basis, such as “call an Uber driver” or “make a PDF.” Instead of having to go through the usual multitude of steps on your phone, you can do it all with just one simple click of a button.
2. Evernote
From creating slideshow presentations to tracking expenses, this app has a notebook for everything. It’s a compilation of digital notebooks that syncs among all of your devices to help organize information. You can take pictures of receipts in order to track expenses, manage checklists and save/organize web articles, documents and photos. You can share notebooks for team projects and create/update agendas. It’s a great app for someone trying to organize a lot of information, work from multiple devices and collaborate with a team.
3. GoToMyPC
You’re miles away from your office and need to access a document on your computer – this is the app for you. It does exactly what its name says it does: allows you to access your PC or Mac. You can then download any document, file or photo directly to your phone.
4. Humin
This is a great app for making and keeping up with connections. It remembers all of your relationships in the way you may remember them. For example, if you meet someone on a business trip in Washington, D.C., the app will save the date and location you met them. You can then search “met in Washington, D.C.” and it will pull up everyone in your phone under that category. You can search everything from “met last week” to “lives in Seattle,” and the app will help you recall who you connected with. You can also view mutual connections.
5. Sunrise
This is an all-inclusive calendar app that makes scheduling meetings simple and efficient. It pulls information directly from LinkedIn so you can see the picture and profile of the person you are meeting. It can also connect with Facebook, Evernote, Foursquare and several other apps. Sunrise automatically syncs between your phone, tablet and computer so you can access your calendar from anywhere.
6. Haiku Deck
Haiku Deck allows you to create beautiful presentations and slideshows with ease. You have the option of creating the project on your phone, iPad or online and then syncing to any device you choose. Haiku Deck provides access to professionally designed fonts and layouts as well as a wide selection of charts and images. You can even import images directly from Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox or other online sources.
7. GroupMe
This app enables you to chat with several people at one time, making it easy for teams to hold ongoing group discussions. As long as you have a person’s phone number or email address, you can add them to a GroupMe conversation. The app also allows you to create memes as well as send GIFs, videos and URLs.
8. Afterlight
Afterlight is an app that allows you to quickly and easily edit photos. It includes 15 uniquely made adjustment tools, 74 filters and 78 textures to enhance images. You can also crop and transform photos or use one of the 128 different frames.
Check them out and let us know which ones worked best for you. We’ll see you at the next show … getting things done with your favorite apps!