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If You Are Looking to Update Your PR Strategy in 2017, Start with Influencer Relations

Genevieve Shoemaker,
Senior PR Strategist

2016 has come and gone. It will go down in history as the year of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the U.S. presidential election and the Pokémon Go app, according to Twitter’s top trending topics of the year.

As PR pros, we know the news cycle moves fast. In this day and age, bloggers and reporters break news online, around the clock. President Trump tweets out major policy statements in 140 characters or less. And the majority of Americans prefer to get their news on a screen or mobile device. With information moving at light-speed, it’s harder and harder to get noticed. That’s why we must be ready to adapt quickly to the ever-evolving digital world, while thinking and planning strategically for additional opportunities to get our message out.

When it comes to a successful public relations strategy for 2017, there’s one tactic that forward-thinking brands should employ in order to reach their audience: influencer relations.

When it comes to business decisions, emotion often outweighs logic. Consumers these days are growing cynical of the daily “in-your-face” advertising and “fake news” around them. So where do they turn to find trusted recommendations and credible information? Many will listen to their favorite bloggers, website editors, journalists, authors, and social media celebrities. That’s why it’s important to build relationships with the right influencers and thought leaders who help shape the perception of a brand and its reputation.

Properly building and nurturing relationships with influencers is a skill that will bring long-term value, rather than just a one-time promotional mention. An influencer provides credibility as a source and connects a brand with new consumers, followers, and fans. These days, influence campaigns are used to increase sales, build awareness around public education campaigns, promote events, fundraise, introduce new products, and manage reputations. In 2017, you should be thinking in terms of guest blog posts with backlinks to your website; creating sharable infographics and other content; tagging, sharing and retweeting on social media; and promoting reviews of your products.

Influencer relations is just one way to cut through the clutter and ensure your message is seen by your desired audience. At The Cirlot Agency, we are always sharpening our skills to help keep your business successful in today’s world. If you’re looking to update your PR strategy with the latest and most innovative practices, go ahead and give us a call.