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Speakers Bureau

Liza Cirlot Looser | Chairman & CEO “Creating value should be the central focus of every corporation.” Rick Looser | President & COO “There are thousands of stories told every day. Our job is to tell stories that aren’t.” Lisa Stewart Comer | Director, Business Development Strategy “On target consistency is key to what increases brand value.”

The Cirlot Agency’s Speakers Bureau is made up of several senior-level members of our executive leadership team, each holding valuable authority as branding, marketing and/or communications practitioners. With engaging messages, decades of experience, and inspiring stories, each speaker offers strategic and impactful thought leadership.

Liza Cirlot Looser - The Cirlot Agency

Liza Cirlot Looser


Rick Looser - The Cirlot Agency

Rick Looser

COO, President

Lisa Comer - The Cirlot Agency - Advertising

Lisa Comer

Director, Business Development Strategy

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