Has your company lost its DNA?

Who are you … have you differentiated yourself from your competition? What is your origin … and has your market changed? What do you consist of now … how will you compete? Will you evolve … are you positioned for growth … or will you become extinct?


DNA Therapy for Business™

The Cirlot Agency’s CABrandDNA™ is strategic and creative methodology for bringing management’s vision to life. By exposing your company’s potential, we turn management’s vision into actionable strategy that brings your brand … and the DNA that makes it unique… to life.

The proprietary process begins with a day – or two or three – spent in a strategy session in which we identify and closely examine the traits that set your business apart. This is done to establish a foundation for your brand and to create a formula that will allow it to evolve.

Again, the CABrandDNA™ process is proprietary to The Cirlot Agency. If you’re interested in putting your business under the microscope to analyze its growth potential, give us a call. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

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Intense Insight™

The Cirlot Agency offers top-level strategy sessions designed to bring you focused, intense analysis – and offer sound, reliable solutions – to the unique challenges you face today. 

Individual consulting sessions offered:

How do you identify your markets? And once identified, how do you effectively communicate with them? Options for marketing your business in today’s arena are almost limitless – so much so that it’s often difficult to know if your marketing is on-target and your dollars are being spent as effectively as possible. Get a clear view of where you are… and how far you can go through Intense Insight.

Who is your competition and how is it positioning itself in your marketplace? Take a closer look at your competition and the messages and methods it is using to compete. Then get a clear understanding of how you can differentiate your company – and beat your competition at every turn – through Intense Insight.

A crisis can be defined as any unplanned event, occurrence or sequence of events that has undesirable consequences. Anything from a natural disaster to embezzlement to accusations of sexual misconduct may lead to crisis situations. And the consequences for not being prepared in any of these or other given situations can be disastrous. Find out how ready your company is to face and react to a crisis through Intense Insight.

Good communication strategy can mean the difference in your company having top-of-mind awareness and having little to no awareness at all. Find out how you can position your company to be the “go to” experts in your given field, and how targeting the right messages to the right audiences at the right times can help increase your bottom line with Intense Insight.

Different people use different skills for listening, comprehending and reacting to certain messages. Learn how to present your message so you can get your points across effectively. Or, if your concern is speaking with the media, take part in our power-packed Intense Insight session to learn how to deal effectively with the media … and keep your company in the best light possible by remaining in control of the interview.

For over 30 years, The Cirlot Agency has provided communications and consultation services for corporations on a local, regional, national and international basis. This experience has brought us a diverse, well-rounded skill set on how to address a number of concerns, ranging from operational to product- or service-specific, that depend upon solid communications efforts for resolution. For any issue, challenge or opportunity, call us for a consultation through Intense Insight to help assure the best possible outcome for your company.

Market Intelligence

The knowledge to succeed.

From competitive strategy to legislative issues or gauging customer perceptions, The Cirlot Agency is adept at providing our clients with behavioral insights, and reliable intelligence based on real-time data. Beyond just telling a great story, we can analyze who your audience is and on what channels they are engaged with your brand. Through customized client dashboards, our in-house data research teams augment communication strategies that align with business goals and ensure the highest ROI.

By measuring key performance indicators, such as share of voice, tonality, engagement, etc., we provide our clients with greater insights into their brands, while executing perception mapping and competitive profiling to bring insight into their competitors’ brands.

This means our clients are armed with the data they need to capitalize on their marketing dollars.

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