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Sanderson Farms Community Involvement 2017


Sanderson Farms is the nation’s third largest poultry producer and only Fortune 1000 company headquartered in Mississippi. In 2016,  the debate surrounding antibiotic use in poultry production reached a boiling point and Sanderson Farms leadership seized the opportunity to join the conversation.


The Cirlot Agency was engaged to craft an integrated communications and public relations plan that clearly explained Sanderson Farms’ stance on antibiotics and other hot-button issues surrounding the poultry industry. With a myth-busting approach, the initial campaign sought to combat the  mistruths and marketing gimmicks competitors had been using to confuse consumers. Through new insights learned over the course of the initial campaign, its focus has transitioned into one more centered on an effort to connect today’s consumer with the American Farmer, to show consumers where their food comes from and who grows it.


Sanderson Farms continues to receive top-tier media coverage for its commitment to telling the truth about judicious antibiotics use and taking on dangerous myths plaguing the industry. By the end of 2016, the antibiotics campaign reached nearly 800 million people, receiving over $2.3 million in earned media value.

Leveraging relationships forged with reporters the previous year and seeking to establish new ones, the Agency achieved 19% increase in total media coverage for Sanderson Farms in 2017. Most significantly, there was  a 120% increase in top-tier features, such as those written by reporters from Forbes, The New York Times, and Bloomberg, and an ad equivalency increase of over 44%, totaling more than $17 million in earned media. Sanderson Farms continues to dominate the antibiotic discussion online, owning 78% of the total share of voice around the topic of antibiotics, as of late 2017.

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