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  • I have known and worked closely with Rick and Liza Looser, and the fine folks at The Cirlot Agency, for almost two decades and feel fully confident in expressing my endorsement. There is not a finer, more dedicated group of people offering marketing communications and public affairs capabilities and services. I first met Rick and Liza when I managed earned and paid media relations for Litton Industries, now Northrop Grumman Corporation.  We worked together on a number of key national security programs primarily in support of Litton’s Shipbuilding operations. From the moment I met them, I could see that The Cirlot Agency had the talent, creativity and interpersonal skills for working on complicated issues and getting things done. As we worked together over the years, I saw I was not wrong. What I have admired most about The Cirlot Agency is their determination to provide for the needs of their clients. They work hard to understand their clients’ problems in order to provide appropriate solutions.  Not only do they provide appropriate solutions, they work within prescribed budgets and time constraints. This endorsement letter cannot stress enough that they will do the same for you.

    Brandon R (Randy) Belote, III Former/Retired Vice President, Strategic Communications, Northrop Grumman Corp.
  • Whenever I need thinking Outside the Box of cliche and convention, and Inside the Box of soul and spirit, I ask the people at The Cirlot Agency for their help. They understand me – they understand MY truth – and in the end that's all I have to offer that is honest and real.

    Randall Wallace American screenwriter, director, producer, and songwriter; Braveheart, Secretariat, We Were Soldiers
  • The Cirlot Agency is without a doubt the best creative agency I have worked with in my 20+ years of Corporate Communications. They are creative, innovative, and responsive and approach every challenge as a true partner.

    Bob Hastings Senior Vice President, Communications & Government Affairs | Bell Helicopter
  • Over the past three decades, The Cirlot Agency has done more than any other single group to advance the public image of Mississippi, and the reputation of the military installations and businesses operating here. It is no surprise that they are achieving similar success for their global clients!

    Jim McIngvale Ingalls Shipbuilding
  • Cirlot was a key partner in developing the branding, website and press briefing that accompanied the launch of Textron AirLand's new Scorpion tactical aircraft at the Air Force Association's annual exhibition. The strategy was on target, the communications were powerful, and it was all done on a tight budget under extreme deadline pressure. The launch resulted in hundreds of visits to our show display and a great number of media articles following the press briefing. Cirlot's work gave us a valuable head start in establishing credibility for the new aircraft.

    Dave Sylvestre Director, Corporate Communications | Textron AirLand
  • We developed a partnership with the Cirlot team last year as we worked on the inaugural Sanderson Farms Championship. From day one, we have been impressed with their [Cirlot's] professionalism, talent and execution. Congratulations to our friends, Rick and Liza, and their associates on this significant milestone. We wish The Cirlot Agency many more years of success.

    Lampkin Butts President & Chief Operating Officer | Sanderson Farms, Inc.
  • Our Agency was most pleased with the creative and the production of our award winning (2 Tellys) advertisement for our Voter Id Campaign. Your Agency was able to develop an informative educational message for a contentious issue which uniformly and positively shaped public opinion. Well done.

    Delbert Hosemann Secretary of State | State of Mississippi
  • Every person assembled here tonight from Raytheon and Northrop Grumman played an important role in this win. The only vendor, or better yet partner, invited to celebrate this win tonight is a group that has been with us since the beginning four years ago. They positioned the Gold Team as winners before we ever drafted the first proposal or sub­mitted the first design. Frankly, they have become a trusted partner and ally to both Bat and I as well as the entire Gold Team. Please join me in wel­coming and thanking Rick Looser and The Cirlot Agency. We wouldn’t be here without them.

    Speech by Jack Cronin Fmr. VP Raytheon in charge of DD(X) Program, at Down Select Celebration October 2, 2002 New Orleans, LA
  • I don’t know if your team has a better design than ours and I don’t know who is going to be awarded the contract – but I do know this – Every time I open the latest issue of Defense News, your ads make you look like the winners. Your advertising and PR is kicking our ass.

    Blue Team Program Manager As told by Bat Robinson, VP Northrop Grumman in Charge of DD(X), Surface Navy Show 2000
  • In every relationship there is typically a specific moment that defines that relationship. In my relationship with The Cirlot Agency, that moment has been every single moment. In every interaction I have come away with an increasing sense of awe. From the professionalism and creativity to the personal-family-style relationship that is ingrained in every part of the agency, I have been overwhelmed and humbled with admiration. To build a company that lasts 30 years is a lifetime achievement. To build a company that is the industry standard and a symbol of God, integrity, and family is a seven generation legacy.

    Stephen Eppinette Director, V-22 ILS | Bell Helicopter
  • Liza and The Cirlot Agency team have mastered the art of developing client relationships. They have invested the time necessary to understand our business and demonstrated that they care about the future of our company.

    Steve Roser Vice President, Marketing | Elbit Systems of America
  • The Cirlot Agency values its clients. They work hard to understand the business objectives, vision, culture and personality to ensure strong communications strategies and tactics that resonate with stakeholders and deliver results. Congratulations on 30 years!

    Amanda Covington VP Corporate Communications | ATK
  • Bush Brothers has enjoyed a relationship with Cirlot for at least half of their thirty years! Their graphic design of our company's employee newsletter has taken our text and given it color, vibrancy and a wonderful aesthetic. They have enabled me as Editor to concentrate on the news, knowing that their design will appeal to our internal audience. Our collaboration together has been both a professional and personal pleasure and I wish them at least another thirty outstanding years! Congratulations!

    Chuck Metz Editor
  • Few companies make the three year anniversary mark, let alone survive to 30. Fewer still possess the character, integrity, creativity and ingenuity to succeed for 30 years in the way The Cirlot Agency has. The Cirlot Agency is living proof of the business adage that a company takes on the character and culture of its boss – what Liza Looser and her husband, Rick, have done with their business should be a case study for principled business leadership in every school in the country. I'm very proud of their success. I'm even prouder to call them my friends.

    Andy Taggart Partner | Taggart, Rimes & Graham
  • 14If it were not for The Cirlot Agency, nobody would know who the Sweet Potato Queens are. Thanks to Cirlot, not only does everybody know who we are – everybody also wants to BE a Sweet Potato Queen. I owe my worldwide Queendom (6300+ Chapters in 37 countries) to The Cirlot Agency.

    Jill Conner Browne Multiple #1 NYTimes Bestselling Author and THE Sweet Potato Queen
  • Simply said – Thank You All! Our refreshed look is a great new beginning. It hit the mark for what we need next week and for giving us growth space. Even more important than the website, we now have new friends that we can count on at Cirlot – our Strategic Ally. The approach you took with my team is precisely the spirit and philosophy that we embody here at EH Group. You took the time not only get us where we need to be, but you coached, nurtured and cajoled us along the way. You became part of us while you figured out how to help us express who we are. In years past, I've had companies propose to me that I fill out a questionnaire, give them a bucket of money, and they would deliver a website. Y'all are not a company – you're Cirlot.

    Ed Hackett President and Founder | EH Group
  • After nearly two years of buyouts, mergers and multiple name changes, our company had literally lost its DNA. The Cirlot Agency helped us resurrect our competency themes, redefine who we are and how we will compete in the market­place. The result has been a company recognized in its industry as a leader. A leader with renewed DNA, a leader that can compete and win in the market place.

    Dan Grafton L-3 Vertex Aerospace / CEO (Retired)
  • Delta’s message had become very complicated and weighty. The system that the Cirlot team worked our senior managers through was very helpful. We were able to get to the essentials of what made our firm as successful as it was and focus our message to touch prospective clients. We can now express the essence of our firm with a concise and focused message. We had spent endless hours trying to navigate this process internally and seemed to end up at the same overcomplicated place. Much thanks to the Cirlot team.

    Management Team Delta Development Group, Inc.
  • In these days of internet communications and fast-paced relationships, it is not only special to deal with a company with the professionalism of The Cirlot Agency, but to count Rick and Liza as friends is truly special. Congratulations to The Cirlot Agency and all its staff.

    Lex Taylor President | The Taylor Group
  • Cirlot was spot-on during our campaign to win an unmanned aerial systems (UAS) site for Mississippi. UAS are a tough, technical business area but Cirlot had the know-how and finesse to get us in with the Big Boys of the aviation press. Am proud to say we'll be testing UAS in Mississippi this fall!

    Major General James Poss Director | Center for Battlefield Innovation at Mississippi
  • Our partners at The Cirlot Agency are passionate about creative branding. They approach each project as a team, devoting a significant amount of time to listening and understanding before developing the right message.

    Brian Useforge Economic Development Director | Mississippi Power Economic Development
  • I have known Rick and Liza for more than 20 years and have always had a great experience doing business with The Cirlot Agency. Cirlot is head and shoulders above other agencies I have used. Their attention to detail and their passion to give the client more than they ask for separates them from the pack. Here's to many more successful years, Rick and Liza.

    Bill Sanderson President | Mighty Grow Organics
  • While I understood my roles and responsibilities associated with doing my job, I didn't have the understanding of how to market to the world. With the help of The Cirlot Agency, we're more visible now than we've ever been before. Thanks, Cirlot, for making us more than a client, but a partner in business together.

    Arnie Williams Community Development Director | MS Power Economic Development
  • If only I could look that good after 30 years – and Rick, I am not talking about you!!! Congratulations to both of you for 30 years and for a job well done. Whenever I think of God's directive to us – 'To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected' – I think of the two of you. You have been so blessed and you have given so much to your family, your church, your community, your clients, your employees and to those of us who have had the great blessing to call you friends. May God Bless you with another 30 years of 'Vision.'

    Jamie Martin Providence Hill Farm
  • In a brief, emotion-packed, all-encompassing phrase, how did we describe the complexity and uniqueness of Belhaven University? It wasn't easy, but The Cirlot Agency knew the way to get us there.

    Dr. Roger Parrott President | Belhaven University
  • The vast experience Cirlot brings to the table is something that can’t be duplicated in the Defense industry. ICGS Deepwater is a program that has been on the fast track from the beginning. Cirlot hit the ground running and has never looked back. The Coast Guard, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin have been very pleased with Cirlot’s performance. From the website to the trade show and collateral materials, our communications tools have worked extremely well. I hope to work with Cirlot for a long time to come.

    Communications Director ICGS Deepwater
  • There is no doubt in my mind that The Gold Team changed the rules of the game when it comes to industry teamed partners and program advertising. They hit first and they hit often with great advertising and strategic public relations. Ad after ad stayed on message and on target. They were able to hit the customer as well as the Hill with great precision. The execution of the ads was flawless and it is amoung some of the best work that has run in the publication.

    Fred Rainbow Former Publisher Naval Proceedings
  • The Cirlot Agency has worked for many high profile companies in the Aerospace and Defense industry. They have always exhibited professionalism, media savvy and industry knowledge. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of our Aviation Week clientele.

    Tom Davis Regional Manager, Aviation Week
  • Now more than ever it’s important for the Defense Industry to be seen and heard by Congress and Official Washington! Niche multi-platforms are a way to target your message within the Beltway. The Cirlot Agency understands Beltway advertising! — “As one of the top three defense communications firms in the country, The Cirlot Agency understands that targeted niche advertising produces results. With Cirlot’s Defense Industry experience they utilized WUSA 9’s niche Defense platform This Week in Defense News to speak to Congress with multi-platform branding through broadcast, online, email blast and print. They have extensive capabilities in consulting, brand development, integrated communication and market intelligence. The Cirlot Agency has the pulse on the Beltway and the Defense Industry.

    Kimberly DeCredico Integrated Marketing Executive WUSA9/www.defensenewstv.com
  • The Cirlot Agency is one of the top two or three Defense advertising agencies in the country. Year after year, program after program, they continue to produce great work. They have been advertising with our group for almost 20 years and their creative work always grabs attention in our pubs.

    Renee Wheeler Defense News Media Group
  • Cirlot worked closely with us to develop some awesome packaging for a new Chef's Select product launch. Everyone was very professional, even Rick ... if you consider story telling a profession!

    Greg Shoemaker Executive Vice President | Valley Services, Inc.
  • The Mississippi World Trade Center's longtime association with The Cirlot Agency has been nothing short of delightful! Even though our non-profit marketing budget pales in comparison to that of the agency's many large corporate and international clients, our needs and requests have always received just as much personal attention, creativity and professional service as the others. Every client, regardless of size, is equally important to them. We very much appreciate that and are proud of occupying a branch on The Cirlot Agency's business family tree!

    Barbara Travis Executive Director | Mississippi World Trade Center
  • Together, Rick and Liza Looser embody the perfect blend of creativity, enthusiasm, and expertise. They have built a myriad of successful branding campaigns and rolled out a host of impeccable events for numerous clients. We have all benefitted from their passion and diligence in helping their home state of Mississippi shine. The Cirlot Agency is a mainstay in the marketing arena, and I wish these inspiring entrepreneurs and the rest of the Cirlot team continued years of success.

    Marlo Dorsey Chief Marketing Officer | Mississippi Development Authority
  • I have used and recommended the services of The Cirlot Agency over the last 15 years. I have found them to be professional in the delivery of their expert services.

    Lester Diamond, FACHE President | St. Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • Honestly, for me, God's Word is the most powerful expression of truth and love. When I think of the generosity, love, integrity, excellence, and selflessness of The Cirlot Agency, I am reminded of Paul's words recorded in Romans 10:14, 'But how can they call on Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them?' Words cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity, and privilege, to team with The Cirlot Agency while sharing the life-changing power of God's Word.

    Kenny Vaughan President | Shields of Strength
  • Adam and Eve. John and Abigail Adams. Sonny and Cher. Bill and Hillary. Human history has recorded a handful of true 'power couples' over the centuries. So after 30 years of success, it's time to add a new couple to the list: Rick and Liza.

    Greg Moore CEO | Community Bank of Mississippi
  • The Cirlot Agency has been very helpful to me marketing my game calls, especially with social media. They've also helped with the design of packaging for special projects with my box calls, pot calls, etc., but also with the dynamite hitter cards we introduced to the market a few years ago. The response from the packaging design has been second to none. Thanks so much for great work and good employees!

    Preston Pittman Five Time World Turkey Calling Champion | Longleaf Camo
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