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17 Habits to Avoid on Social Media

Agency Poll #1: What is the most annoying thing people do on social media?
While social media is informal, there are certainly do’s and don’ts when it comes to posting online. Make too many online missteps and you will frustrate your friends and lose followers. We took a poll around The Cirlot Agency to find out what bothers people the most online. Here’s what our team deemed the 17 most annoying social media habits:

  1. “For me, it is the posting of the same or similar content again and again. For instance, I get that you don’t like the current or past president, every post you make is something that they have done that has wronged you personally. Posting it repeatedly on social media is not changing anything.”
    – Chris
  2. “Grammar. It’s annoying when people rant about important issues like they are experts and then spell every other word wrong.”
    – Diane
  3. “People often overstate their opinions on social media outlets. I think it is appropriate at times, and I know social media is used a lot for influencing others, but ranting about politics or other personal problems can be a bit annoying.”
    – Lauren
  4. ” ‘Sponsored’ posts. It’s annoying when people are trying to tell you things on social media.”
    – Halleigh
  5. “Asking questions for which a simple Google search can provide an answer, i.e.: ‘Does anyone know what time the Best Buy in Madison opens?’ ‘Does anyone know what the weather is supposed to be like tomorrow for our picnic?’ ”
    – Steve
  6. “It’s annoying when people use completely made-up hashtags. It shows that they don’t have a great understanding of social media.”
    – Deonica
  7. “The most annoying thing people do online (for me) is post really lengthy posts. Like a paragraph that makes you go, ‘Geez that’s so much.’ It immediately makes me want to continue scrolling and disregard what they’ve written. The only exception to this at times is the Humans of New York Instagram account, but that’s because I know what I’m getting with that account and I expect it.”
    – Jesse
  8. “Couples who talk to each other on social media: ‘I love you so much @joesmith. You complete me.’ ‘I love you, too, @janesmith. I’m so blessed to be your husband.’ I mean, c’mon. That’s what post-it notes are for.”
    – Clay
  9. “Oversharing. For example, I mainly share content about unique experiences or something special that I think other people would enjoy seeing about my life. I have some friends that are sharing content from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep, taking pictures of everything from the meals they eat to the shoes they wore that day. That may not be a bad thing necessarily, it just gets to be a little much.”
    – Evan
  10. “Using too many hashtags. Hashtags are meant to supplement and enhance the content of the social media post, not make up the majority of the content. Also, overly formal language. Social media is supposed to be casual and straight to the point.”
    – E.B.
  11. “Attention begging posts, i.e. ‘Well, I can’t believe this is about to happen.’ ”
    – Rick
  12. “Being put in groups where people are trying to sell stuff. It’s annoying when people are continually posting about products that they are selling, like LipSense, Mary Kay, Teeth Whitening cream, etc.”
    – Lisa
  13. “For me, it’s people who tell me to ‘like and share’ something or Jesus won’t love me. Jesus loves me, this I know … regardless of liking and sharing!”
    – Lynda
  14. “The ‘unspoken prayer’ request. For example, people post things like, ‘Please lift me and my family up today,’ without any context.”
    – Anna
  15. “I don’t like when people make multiple posts to Instagram at the same time. It takes over my feed, and is unnecessary now that Instagram has the option to let you post multiple pictures within the same post.”
    – Kathleen
  16. “I don’t want to see distasteful photos of the inside – or outside of your body. Or graphic phtotos of abused animals or people.”
    – Sharon
  17. “The most annoying thing people do on social media to me is posting their personal drama.  I think personal issues should be kept personal.”
    – Kimberly