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5 Lessons from The Art of Client Service

No matter your business or who your clients or customers are there are certain lessons that cross industries and transcend professional titles. Some of those principles include the unchanging yet simple concepts of great client service.

As a new account executive joins The Cirlot Agency’s team, they are encouraged to read The Art of Client Service by respected client service executive Robert Solomon of Solomon Strategic. Over 30 years of experience, The Cirlot Agency has found five of Solomon’s tips to be especially helpful in providing the best service to your clients and customers, whoever they are. 
1. Live the Client’s Brand
It is essential to understand your customer’s business. Speak their language. Learn their culture and history. Keep up with the press. Know just as much as they do about the industry. When leadership changes and new customers come in, your experience not only comforts them but also provides a smooth transition.
2. Support What You Say
When proposing strategy, concepts or services to a customer, be equipped with data and/or facts to support your recommendations. If you’re not prepared to defend your work, you’ll damage your credibility and their confidence in your capabilities.
3. You Cannot Lead an Account from Your Desk
Business is built upon relationships. Create reasons to visit your customer regularly to build rapport with them. Being present at their office and events is a great way to serve them.
4. In a High-Tech World, Be Low Tech
Don’t let technology replace face-to-face communication with your client or customer. High-tech should only support your communication, not get in the way of truly connecting with your clients and colleagues on a personal level.
5. Once a Client, Always a Client
Even when a customer moves their business or changes employment, continue fostering the relationship after you’re no longer working together. With this mindset, you create lasting professional friendships that give you a trusted resource for recommendations and references.
By following these simple fundamentals, it is possible to build strong relationships and give you and your customer’s satisfaction in your work. Whether you’re a marketing professional, work in business development or sales, remember that client service matters.