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In 2000, I had the pleasure of spending several days in Beijing just after being awarded the 2008 Olympics. I remember thinking how much hard work must be ahead of them. That thought comes to mind as we have worked with the great people of Ole Miss and EventWorks from Cleveland, Ohio, since the first of the year. Today, we have met together to review every detail in an effort to anticipate additional opportunities to insure a successful event. Everyone is double-checking lists and fielding calls from media around the world as we all prepare to become part of one of America’s most historical events.

Democrats and Republicans alike will have the opportunity to listen to each candidate – and the best part is that each one of us will help influence who our next Commander in Chief will be. No matter what our challenges or successes are concerning domestic issues, international policy or the economy, as a citizen of the United States, we are part of a political process that allows each one of us to be heard. That freedom and sense of responsibility should not be taken lightly.
During the debate, I hope we will all clear our minds and listen to the candidates’ views and opinions objectively and without bias. After the debate, please continue to research, read and gather accurate information in an effort to cast your vote to elect a president who will confidently and effectively lead our country in this global society and continue to bring freedom to those who are without.