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Day 2 – Debate Preps

Inside the Debate Hall as the Lighting is Prepared for Friday Evening
Inside the Debate Hall as the Lighting is Prepared for Friday Evening

Today began with planning meetings for everyone working with PR and Media for Ole Miss. The group toured the area around the Ford Center to point out work stations for networks and local media. We spent a good deal of time getting acquainted with the Media Filing Center, which is where reporters will work in one giant, temporary office. It seats 800 journalists, with 30 booth spaces (also called spin alley).
I was lucky enough to receive a hug from the Chancellor today while we worked part of the time in his offices at the Lyceum building on campus. He’s so excited about the debate … much like my kids on Christmas morning.
This afternon, Mary Stanton and I walked through the network office area, which is about 10 temporary office trailers brought in to the Ford Center parking lot. (These will house CNN, CBS, C-SPAN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and the BBC.) We will work with the network producers on possible stories about Ole Miss and the faculty/student community. In PR, this is our Super Bowl. I’ve worked with network TV folks for years, but usually as one of “them.” It is a unique opportunity to use my background as a journalist to potentially affect the stories which will be broadcast around the world. Millions of people will watch debate-related network coverage of stories that we will have helped made possible. We get the unique opportunity to give the “Did you know that Ole Miss …” pitch in person, molding the impression of the university for years to come.
We also got a peek at what’s going on inside of the Ford Center (debate hall) today. I’ll post those pictures, as well. Stay tuned, much more excitement in the hours ahead!



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