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Effectively Engaging Through Social Media

Most businesses have a social media presence. In fact, according to a study done by Proskauer’s International Labor & Employment Group, 75% of businesses currently use social media.
However, simply having a social media account isn’t enough. Creating content your audience cares about and effectively engaging with them will help separate you from the crowd.
Creating content that matters
Social media can be an excellent tool to help create awareness of your brand. The key is to get the conversation started! Listening to your audience and providing solutions is the best way to create content that matters. Social media allows you to guide your audience and other businesses to more information about your company’s products and/or services. Directing your audience to digital white papers, case studies, news articles or testimonials will help current and potential businesses understand the value of what your business has to offer.
Effectively engaging your audience
While having the right content is important, engaging with your audience is what really matters. Consideration of your audience’s opinions allows the conversation to develop. By answering questions and addressing concerns through social outlets, you are able to provide timely responses, while remaining transparent with your clients and prospects. In this open platform, potential clients will have the ability to see how you engage with other businesses. It will allow you to engage in conversations with your audience and disseminate information while creating a level of trust between your company and potential business prospects.
Merely being a part of the social media community is no longer sufficient. Adding value for your current and potential clients by creating content that matters and effectively engaging your audience is imperative.
Post by:
Jessica Jackson
Intern, The Cirlot Agency
photo credit: ebayink via photopin cc