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History is Made at Ole Miss


The university is the center of the political universe tonight, showing the world how amazing this institution truly is. Oh, and our own Liza Looser is in the audience in the Ford Center! Read tomorrow to see how that came about.
And talk about star power. We met Tom Brokaw, John Grisham, Greta Van Susteren, John Kerry, Tammy Haddad, etc. Kristin actually bumped into Rudy Guiliani and didn’t realize it was him at first!
We would also like to give a big Cirlot shout out to our most loyal blog reader, Dr. Carolyn Staton, Ole Miss Provost extraordinaire!

Media Tent during debate

So after the debate, the pundits will run across the street to this tent, where they are immediately interviewed about the debate and the candidates’ successes or shortcomings. I understand it’s a scene like the running of the bulls in Spain. We’ll take photos and video and upload later. Congratulations to Ole Miss that this amazing day has taken place.