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Just Call Him “Professor”

Public Relations Campaigns Class Alabama
Rick Looser, COO of The Cirlot Agency, is teaching Public Relations Campaigns at his alma mater, The University of Alabama, this semester. The class, made up of 25 senior P.R. majors slated to graduate in May 2013, is split into five teams that will compete against one another to have their P.R. plan selected by non-profit client, the Alabama Poison Center.
“We’re halfway through the semester and it has been a truly amazing experience,” said Looser. “The public relations program at The University of Alabama has been named one of the Top 5 P.R. programs in the country for the past five years by PRWeek, so I feel honored to be a part of the program.”
“But seriously, based on my academic career at Alabama, teaching this class is the last thing I would have ever expected to do,” said Looser.
Looser was named the Outstanding Alumnus in Public Relations for The University of Alabama’s College of Communications and Information Sciences in 2003.