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McCain Seeks to Delay First Debate Amid Financial Crisis

Headlines such as this are currently flashing across network television and websites across the world. Members of the Ole Miss staff, students and the national and international media watched TV monitors in the filing center and around campus stunned, awaiting Obama’s response. Things kicked into high gear on our end as members of the Ole Miss staff and Rick and Liza began to work on an official Ole Miss statement to issue to the media. We were called into action immediately, as we began getting the official statement out to national and international media around the world. Dr. Kellum, Vice Chancellor for University Relations, did a live phone interview with Fox News’ Shepard Smith to give the University’s formal statement. The Commission on Presidential Debates is issuing their statement as we speak. Latest news from the networks: Obama rejects debate delay, says his campaign will continue despite McCain’s call to focus solely on working with Congress on a bailout plan.