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Senate Commendation for Creators of Mississippi, Believe It!™ Campaign

Agency Receives Standing Ovation on Senate Floor
Jackson, MS – Rick and Liza Looser, along with staff members of The Cirlot Agency, recently received a standing ovation on the floor of the Mississippi Senate for work associated with the Mississippi, Believe It!™ campaign. The Agency designed the pro bono campaign to directly combat the negative stereotypes often associated with the state of Mississippi. Senator Charlie Ross authored the commendation, Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 612. The resolution commends and thanks Liza Cirlot Looser, CEO, and Rick Looser, COO, and The Cirlot Agency for developing the public service campaign, recognizing the “energy and civic dedication of these ‘citizen ambassadors’ for the State of Mississippi, who have donated their time and talents to educate residents and non-residents and promote a positive image for our state.”
The cost of the Mississippi, Believe It!™ campaign is estimated at over $365,000 to date. The Cirlot Agency has donated over $325,000 in time and resources to bring this campaign to fruition. Service Printers, Inc., of Flowood, MS, donated over $40,000 in printing services and paper costs for the posters.
It is estimated that the campaign has garnered the equivalent of over $20 million in media exposure and an estimated 40 million people have been exposed to the campaign.