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The Party’s On!

What a day! Have you ever planned an elaborate party and was afraid no one would show up? We have had an eventful day. However, the Commission on Presidential Debates has stated we will proceed as scheduled. The Cirlot Agency will continue to work with national and international media to support the success of the first presidential debate this Friday night at 8pm CST.
The highlight of the day was a media reception this evening sponsored by the Oxford Convention and Visitors Bureau and the State of Mississippi. Peavey Electronics gave the university a “Mississippi” guitar, which is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind design. The Chancellor will absolutely treasure the gift! Since he is considered a “rock star” by university students anyway, the guitar will be the perfect accessory to his office. It certainly added a wonderful highlight to a stressful, but excellent day.
We look forward to what tomorrow holds. All notices and updates will be posted on the front page of the Ole Miss website,, so check in regularily to get the latest information from the univeristy and/or McCain and Obama campaign headquarters and the Commission on Presidential Debates. It is an exciting time for politics and exciting time for America. Don’t miss out, stay tuned and find out more tomorrow.