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5 Signs You Should Call an Agency

We get them every day… calls from individuals who have a job, project, or some other need that requires additional attention. From time issues, to being out-performed by the competition, to just needing an outside opinion – there are multiple reasons to call an agency:
1. Inconsistent Branding
This covers all marketing aspects of your business, including your overall vision, collateral, digital marketing, public relations messaging and website. If your brand looks like it has come from multiple sources, it is time to call an agency.
2. Limited Capabilities
If your marketing department is stretched to the limit and it does not make financial sense to hire additional capability to your marketing team, outsourcing to an agency could be one of your best moves yet. This will allow the department to continue to focus on internal needs while the marketing and or public relations professionals focus on strategies and tactics that can connect with your target audience and take your company to the next level.
3. Opportunities in Niche and Emerging Markets
You know you have precise markets that you can target but you simply are not sure how to go about doing this. Hiring an agency that specializes in targeting specific markets on a national and international basis can end up saving you time and money. When done correctly, niche marketing can be highly successful.
4. Being Outperformed by the Competition
If your company is being out-performed by its competition (i.e. they are doing a great job of communicating their brand and financial success to the public), then it is time to call an agency.
5. You Recognize the Need to Consult with an Industry Expert
A proven agency can be trusted to take you to the next level, by providing a comprehensive strategy to reinforce your company’s brand, improving its position in the marketplace, and offering sales support to your company’s business development team.
Take a look at where your company currently is and where its wants to go. The Cirlot Agency is a visionary ally for its clients, helping them navigate the roadway to success. So if you have seen one of the signs above, let us help you by providing creative vision.
Creative Vision: The Ability To See What Is… And What Can Be.