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Agency Poll: Favorite Apps

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Agency Poll #2: What is your favorite app and why?

Would you be able to survive without your most trusted apps? While there is a plethora of generic apps used every day, we took a poll around The Cirlot Agency to find out which apps they find most helpful. Here’s what our team declared as the 10 most helpful apps:

1. Mint:
“I use this app almost every day. You can connect Mint to your bank account, credit cards, loans or any other financials you want to track. Mint is completely safe and helps you create budgets, set up alerts and notifies you when your bills are due.”
– E.B. Martin III

2. 1Password:
“1Passord is an app that stores all of your passwords. It has been proven to be one of the safest apps to store important information. I don’t know what I would do without it.”
– Lauren Hegwood

3. Google Keep:
“Google Keep is a note-keeping app that lets me organize to-do lists, meeting notes and quotes. This app really comes in handy when purchasing gifts because it has the capabilities to create a note with photos and links. It also works in conjunction with all my other Google apps. Anytime I need to jot something down, this app is my go-to!”
– Clay Meyer

4. Adobe Capture:
“Adobe Capture is a great app for capturing inspiration on my mobile device to use for future projects. It allows me to create color themes, turn photos into vector art and find similar fonts that I see whenever I’m out.”
– Steve Erickson
“My favorite is Adobe Capture. It has lots of features like choosing a color theme based on picture, a font finder, and custom brushes; but my favorite feature is the shapes. You can take a picture of a sketch, or really anything, and the app imports it into your Creative Cloud library as a fully editable vector object.”
–Diane Dickard

5. Waze:
“I am directionally challenged, and I do a lot of business and personal travel. The Waze app not only tells me the fastest route to get from point A to point B, but it also alerts me to police, traffic, hazards in the road, and other potential problems. If needed, it will redirect around heavy congestion or standstill traffic that might affect my ETA.”
– Anna Neel

6. Filmic Pro:
“Hands down, I choose Filmic Pro. This app is always my go-to when shooting any type of video from my iPhone. It does not matter what you are shooting, Filmic Pro will take your mobile-captured video to the next level…way better than the native iPhone video feature. The app allows you to quickly control your camera’s focus, exposure, and even frame rates. It’s great on its own, but has capability built in to support external microphones and lens adapters.”
– Greg Gilliland
“My favorite app is Filmic Pro. This video camera app gives users access to all the features and settings found on a professional video camera, while filming on a smart phone.”
–Kathleen Brandau

“There are roughly a million words in the English language. As a writer, finding the exact right word can be a daunting (formidable, dismaying, confounding, imposing, etc.) task. My favorite app,, is the most comprehensive app I’ve found that helps with this ‘interminable’ task! Plus, it works offline and sends you a cool ‘Word of the Day’ to help expand your vocabulary without even trying!”
– Lynda Lesley

8. Hootsuite:
“Hootsuite is by far my favorite app. It makes life easy when scheduling social media. Being able to give your message once, instead of multiple times, also saves time and possible typos! Other tools have come and gone, but Hootsuite has been a constant. So dependable!”
–Lisa Comer

9. Just Watch:
“My favorite app of late has been Just Watch. It is a streaming search engine that shows you where a show or movie is being streamed, and if it’s free or for rent. It even shows you the cost of renting the show/movie on the different platforms.”
– Chris Swann
10. Mobile Passport:
“I truly would not survive the chaos of the airport when traveling overseas without this app. Mobile Passport allows you to get through customs as quickly as possible by submitting your passport control and customs declaration information through the app. This will allow you to bypass the regular lines to enter the United States.”
– Liza Cirlot Looser
11. Trip Advisor:
“I would not be able to travel without Trip Advisor. It helps me take all of the guesswork out of traveling and ensures I pick the best hotels, excursions and places to eat.”
– Rick Looser



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