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Keys to Successful Video Marketing

Perfecting a delicious recipe. Tying a tie. DIY projects. They all have one thing in common: Video.
We’re all guilty of searching for a quick video to show us everything we need to know about a product and how to use to it. This makes video an important, almost vital, tool for any marketer. So why has video become such an important tool?
According to Forbes, “By 2019, online content will consist of 80% video marketing, and mobile consumption of video content will continually rise by 100% annually.”

  • 90% of consumers indicate product videos directly inform purchase decisions.
  • 95% of consumers retain communicated information through video, while only 10% retain information from reading.
  • Video offers the best return on investment, as 51.9% of marketing experts agree.

Video is progressing rapidly and has proved to be one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools.
1. Videos build trust.
By posting interesting and engaging information, video marketing campaigns can captivate and influence your audience by using emotions. Connecting to their heart builds trust in your brand.
2. Video improves SEO.
Videos allow visitors to stay on your site longer, and, in turn, they are more likely to come back for more information. To optimize your videos for SEO, write interesting titles and descriptions. Always add a link back to your website, products, and services to “learn more” and give a way to purchase.
3. Live or Animated – both are effective.
When launching a new product or a service, why not create a video to show how it works? Don’t let the complication of a difficult concept scare you. Animation can bring concepts to life. Animated videos can be a simple form of education and entertainment, when live video isn’t available.
While video marketing is on a steady increase, it’s important to know where your audience is spending their time and consuming information. Whether you’re educating an audience on a product, or publishing engaging content on your company, video marketing can be a compelling tool.
Check out some of the video campaigns we’ve had the privilege of producing: