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The Best-Perceived Brands and their Brand Trifecta

Recently, AdWeek posted about the 10-best perceived brands in 2014, according to a YouGov Brand Index study. After 1,500 brands were analyzed, Amazon, YouTube and Netflix rose to the top as the best-perceived brands. And being the perpetual-learner, case study junkies that we are, we decided to take a deeper dive into why these are on the list.

So what exactly was it that Amazon is doing that helped it secure the #1 spot as the resident best-perceived brand?
Step 1 in the Brand Trifecta: Build Customer Confidence in Brand {Tweet This}
Amazon is a Fortune 100 company whose mission is “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company where people can find and discover anything they want to buy online.”
According to its website, it strives to “offer customers more types of products, more conveniently and at lower prices.” Well done, Amazon, well done.
We are able to get just about anything we desire delivered to our doorstep, in two days, if we so choose, with just the click of a mouse. Product variety and convenience are two of the main reasons why we love it. With Amazon, we know what we are getting and when we are getting it… and that’s why we have confidence in it.
Step 2 in the Brand Trifecta: Deliver on the Brand Experience {Tweet This}­ ­
Amazon’s promise to its customers is made clear by its logo. See that yellow arrow connecting the “a” and the “z”? Each time we see the logo, we are being reminded of the assortment of things we can order. To help it achieve this guarantee, the company has more than two million third-party sellers that contribute to its selection.
Beyond being good at what we expect it to be good at – its fundamental business model – Amazon is also a good corporate citizen. It has a hand in disaster relief, it supports the writing community by offering grants, and it provides tools for non-profits, such as Amazon Wish Lists and Amazon Smile.
Step 3 in the Brand Trifecta:Influence Media Perception {Tweet This}
For beginners, just look here, here or here. It is clear time and time again that Amazon delivers – and I am not just referring to at-home delivery. The company delivers a great brand experience. It quite possibly is the Earth’s most customer-centric company, and it really does offer a ridiculously large selection of products at a great price, with an easy way to get it to you. Of course not all media reports are positive all the time. But as a whole, the media has helped position Amazon as a company that has technology at is core.
In short, the company is trustworthy; it delivers on experience and it is observed well by both the media and its customers. Amazon’s brand trifecta made it top the list of best-perceived brands, a position we believe was well deserved.
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