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In French, the word “roi” means “king,” but in the business world, ROI stands for return on investment. So, it’s quite fitting that the ultimate ROI is the King – God’s investment in mankind through the gift of His Son.
For the third year in a row, The Cirlot Agency has produced a Christmas calligram to celebrate this special time of year. The first calligram featured the Star of David – brand recognition that has transcended time. The second calligram featured the Herald Angel and the message that changed the world.
This year’s calligram features the Three Wise Men – Magi who were led by the Star of Bethlehem, and who knelt in awe upon seeing the Christ Child, offering gifts to the One who is our Eternal Gift. Indeed, we are blessed beyond measure.

Conversation with the Creators:

Lynda Lesley, VP, Creative Director
Steve Erickson, Executive Art Director
“The Magi, to me, represent not giving, but receiving. Though they gave gifts of great worth, what they received in return – the gift of Christ – is beyond measure.

“It’s a return on investment, so to speak. God invested in us through His most precious Gift – His Son. In return, the world was given a powerful, perpetual message of hope, joy and the value of humanity.” – Lynda

“For our third mailer, it was fitting to incorporate the story of the three wise men and their journey to find the Christ Child. I originally had the idea to render them walking on their journey, but later decided to show them kneeling, humble and full of worship.
“It was a challenge, but we broke the story into three parts, pulled selected words and phrases for emphasis, such as ‘King of the Jews,’ ‘Bethlehem’ and ‘They saw the Child.’ We used silver throughout the design this year, especially with the script to complement the silver Star of Bethlehem. The project was a combined effort from our team, from concept and design to assembly and mailing.” – Steve