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Debate Still On? Ole Miss is Ready!

The media frenzy continues today around the nation, as the big question is, “Will this debate still happen?” Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and Chancellor Robert Khayat said today in their “Welcome to the Debate” press conference that they expect the first U.S. presidential debate to go forward as planned, despite Sen. McCain’s desire to postpone the event.
The Cirlot Agency was a major part of planning this press conference and being sure the media was on site. The “Welcome to the Debate” event was planned well in advance of McCain’s announcement to possibly postpone the Debate; however, that announcement insured that the event would be well attended by the media. Rick was the overall coordinator of the event that was held outside the front door of the Ford Center. Rick, Liza and I worked with the Commission on Presidential Debates to help coordinate schedules and be sure the Governor and Chancellor were on message and prepared to answer any questions that might be asked by the media. The welcome was a definite success. Both the Governor and the Chancellor did an outstanding job.
I will be working the remainder of the day in the media filing center to be sure everyone in Spin Alley is taken care of. I will also be working with the media to assist them in scheduling interviews, getting b-roll footage, notifying them about campus events, etc.
The Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics will be hosting “An Evening with Tom Brokaw” tonight featuring NBC News special correspondent Tom Brokaw. Brokaw will give an overview of the presidential debate and the election landscape. If all goes well with all of our current responsibilities for the day, we hope to be in attendance.