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In Defense of Freedom: Why Should Corporate America Care?

There is a uniting bond between the aerospace and defense industry and Corporate America that often goes unrecognized. Recently, Liza Cirlot Looser, CEO of The Cirlot Agency, accepted an invitation to visit Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Liza said the trip was a hard-hitting reminder of the daily effort going on around the country that preserves America’s greatness and allows the rest of us to pursue our dreams.

Liza believes the work being conducted at Camp Shelby is impactful to our nation in more ways than one. She answered a few questions about the significance of our warfighters’ daily tasks and how they benefit us in the workplace.
Q: With your background in the aerospace and defense industry, what do you see as the connection between that industry and the rest of Corporate America?
A: Corporate America includes companies that run the gamut from suppliers of perishable goods to purveyors of services. As vast as that landscape is, there is not one area that hasn’t been affected by the aerospace and defense industry. Regardless of the business arena, there is a common thread that runs throughout industry, and that is free enterprise. This country, based upon and thriving in capitalism, would not be possible without the constant vigilance of our men and women in uniform, and the aerospace and defense industry that supplies them with the tools necessary to accomplish their mission and get home safely.
Q: How does Corporate America benefit from the defense industry?
A: Being blessed to work with so many aerospace and defense companies over the last three decades, we at The Cirlot Agency see firsthand the benefits of that industry. We often hear of the unprecedented leaps made in the medical, the communications, and even the entertainment fields, thanks to “space-age technology.” The reality is that this technology is being developed by companies like Textron Systems and Aerojet Rocketdyne every day. Advances in transportation are occurring thanks to companies like Bell Helicopter. And our future workforce is exponentially gaining knowledge and experience, thanks to institutions like Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and within our military branches themselves. These men and women are dedicated, on call 24-7. They have a work ethic that just won’t quit. So, the human capital alone is immeasurable, much less the technology being developed that we will someday take for granted!
Q: Why should Corporate America care about what is going on in the aerospace and defense industry?
A: Because it is serious business. World leaders in the aerospace and defense industry develop technology to make the world safer and our military are trained to use that technology around the world at installations like Camp Shelby. The aerospace and defense industry affects every American citizen and will for generations to come. This country of ours is so unique. I still believe we are that shining beacon of hope for the world, and I personally cannot think of a more exciting or rewarding arena in which to work.
A special note of thanks to U. S. Army Reserve and National Guard Officer, Chris Thomas, for the invitation to Camp Shelby.
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