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Merry Christmas from The Cirlot Agency

For the past three Christmases, The Cirlot Agency designed a triptych poster series for our Christmas mailer. The first featured the Star of David, the second – the Herald Angel, and the third depicted the Three Wise Men. This year the Agency returned to a card.
The inspiration came from John 1:29, “Behold The Lamb of God who came to save the world.”
“The Good Shepherd who feeds, protects, leads and leaves the fold to go after the lost were early thoughts,” said Steve Erickson, Executive Art Director.  “Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd, and we are all called to model what he does for his sheep.”
“What better source of inspiration is there for a Christmas greeting than the Word of God itself?” asked Lynda Lesley, VP, Creative Director. “In crafting the message, we wanted to keep it succinct and eloquent. Minimal copy to remind us of the life-affirmation we received through the birth of the Lamb – a simple reminder in this complex world that our salvation first came to us in such a small, yet significant, bundle.”
This verse suited the card because it gives a nod to the nativity animals The Cirlot Agency purchases in honor of its clients, to help impoverished families around the world. The Agency has done this for the past four years, and looks forward to giving the gift every Christmas.