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Work That Has Meaning

“We have a responsibility, not only to our clients, but to everyone who looks to us to uphold a reputation of promoting the greater good,” said Liza Cirlot Looser, CEO of The Cirlot Agency.
Leading a global brand strategy firm that specializes in public relations, especially one that works with so many aerospace and defense clients, comes with a large responsibility; it is the responsibility of making sure your day-to-day work ­– the hours and days and weeks that you pour into each project – matters.
“We don’t just pick up clients to have business,” said Looser. “We take on clients that we know will give back to mankind and inspire others to do the same. This gives value to every press release, website design and creative project that passes through our hands at The Cirlot Agency.”
While The Cirlot Agency works with a wide variety of clients, it takes great pride in partnering with several companies making an impact in the aerospace and defense industries.
“It is truly a privilege for us to work with these men and women whose top aspiration is to keep American citizens safe and assure that the U.S. is a step ahead when it comes to both military and technology,” said Looser.
For instance, Textron Systems has created technologically advanced products for companies focused on defense, homeland security, aerospace and infrastructure protection for more than 50 years. Its businesses are leading developers of unmanned systems, advanced marine craft, armored vehicles, precision weapons and a number of other products dedicated to keeping American citizens safe.
Another Cirlot client leaving its footprint is the Alliance of System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE). This coalition consists of 22 of the world’s leading research institutions and more than a hundred leading industry/government partners. ASSURE’s goal is to provide the Federal Aviation Administration the research it needs to efficiently integrate unmanned aerial systems into our National Airspace System.
The Cirlot Agency also works closely with Elbit Systems of America. Elbit is an American company with a strong alliance with Israel, engaged in developing and supplying a broad portfolio of airborne, land and naval systems and products for defense. It also provides an advanced technological approach to creating cutting-edge systems that increase border security, helping to keep our homeland safe.
Bell Helicopter is another innovative client The Cirlot Agency has the privilege of working alongside. The American rotorcraft manufacturer is based in Texas but has helicopters flying all over the globe. In addition to creating some of the top military helicopter products on the market, Bell develops commercial helicopters suitable for parapublic, medical transport and search and rescue missions. Bell also provides training and support services worldwide.
On another front, The Cirlot Agency also works with Sanderson Farms, Inc., the third largest poultry producer in the United States. Despite the high demands that come with the responsibility of feeding millions of people worldwide, Sanderson Farms remains committed to adopting a fresh approach in everything it does. As title sponsor of the PGA TOUR’s Sanderson Farms Championship, the company has led the way in raising millions of dollars for Friends of Children’s Hospital, benefitting Batson Children’s Hospital, over the past three years.
“These are just a handful of the many brilliant, dedicated clients The Cirlot Agency has the honor to work with,” said Looser. “In addition to safety, security and charity, the Agency consistently looks for opportunities to work with companies making strides in education.”
The Agency recently partnered with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to help them with one of their latest projects, Destination Moon. The museum, located in Washington, D.C., is home to the largest and most significant collection of aviation and space artifacts in the world.
Another leading institution the Agency works with is Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. It offers more than 70 degree programs, primarily centered around aviation, engineering and security and intelligence. The university is a major research center, seeking solutions to real-world problems in partnership with the aerospace industry, other universities and government agencies.
“Not only do each of these industries have a major effect on the world today, but they play an imperative role in determining what our future will look like,” said Looser. “The Cirlot Agency considers it an honor to work with clients who can see that. When we work with people who are concerned about investing in the next generation, we can take great pride in our accomplishments, because they are benefitting more than just what we can see right now. They are leaving a legacy.”