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Proof that Brand Recognition is Important

Brand recognition is what all companies should aspire for. It comes from acknowledgement that certain shapes, colors or designs are associated with specific brands. When brand recognition has been achieved, symbols can stand alone, without words, to demonstrate who the brand is, shed light on its corporate climate, and maybe even indicate the company’s products or services.
This is not rocket science, or even marketing 101. It’s mere fact. This holiday season, people around the world recognize the star. It was an actual light in its origin, but now, the star’s shape symbolizes another Light. This type of brand recognition transcends time.

Conversation with the Creators:
Lynda Lesley, VP, Creative Director
Luke Eaton, Art Director
The Christmas caligram began with the copy Lynda created, linking a Christmas image to brand recognition. “The star is the first symbol of Christ – a ‘brand’ that Christians the world over recognize.” she said. “As a Christian-based company, we wanted to share our thoughts on that ‘brand’ with our clients, friends and family.”
With the star playing such a large role in the copy, Luke created a caligram in the shape of the Christmas Star to add a dynamic understanding to the message. He used retro-fonts (a current design trend) and began by selecting words to emphasize, like “Star,” “Messiah,” and “Christ.”  He grouped phrases, selected various fonts and pieced it together to read well and form the star shape.
Luke said that creating the caligram was a collaborative effort, much like other projects at the Agency. “Everyone helped with creative editing and gave their input. That really helped with direction,” he said. “We wanted to design something creative, but with a twist.”
We hope you enjoy this caligram as much as we enjoyed creating and sharing it.
Merry Christmas, and God Bless Us, everyone!



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