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The Message that Changed the World

The right message can move people to action. It can change attitudes. It can educate the masses. Behold, the right message can inform the world about its Savior. The Angel of the Lord did just that. Indeed, the Angel brought the world “good tidings of great joy.”
Effective communication begins with the message; therefore, a well-crafted message is vital to a company or organization’s efforts.
A message should be three things:

  • Simple – The individual who is reading, viewing or hearing your company’s message should not be left confused. The message should be clear and easy to understand.
  • Consistent – Consistency is key. The message cannot change over time, nor should there be any contradictions. Take a stance and stick to it.
  • Recurrent – It has been suggested that an individual needs to see or hear an advertisement at least three times before it resonates. A recurrent message will enhance the stickiness-factor, affecting the impact of the message.

 Cirlot Agency Christmas 2013
Conversation with the Creators:
Lynda Lesley, VP, Creative Director
Steve Erickson, Executive Art Director, and Luke Eaton, Art Director
The second in a series of three, the Christmas caligram began with the concept of an angel, linking the image to messaging.

“I’ve always been struck by how the shepherds were chosen as the first recipients of the Glad Tidings. In biblical times, shepherds were at the lowest rung of the social ladder. Smelly … dirty … not high society by any means. And they were trusted to spread this message to the masses. The thought that these social outcasts were able to share this Great Joy and that the message was accepted and shared so completely from person to person … year to year, millennium to millennium … proved the very basics of communications: the right message repeated over and over can change the world.”  – Lynda

 After Lynda selected the verses and wrote the copy, Steve began designing a caligram in the shape of the Herald Angel. The visual, along with the message, enhances the understanding. Steve selected specific words in the message to stand out, such as “Shepherd,” “Angel,” “Lord,” and “Savior.”

“My main goal in creating the caligram was to make sure that the design enhanced the message. Last year we used an art deco, retro feel with the Star of David. For this year’s design, we took an even more retro approach, back to a Renaissance feel.”  – Steve

We hope you enjoy our caligram. This holiday season, we are especially thankful for the Lord’s holy messenger who shared a message over two thousand years ago that changed the world forever.
Merry Christmas, and God Bless Us, Every One! To view last year’s Christmas caligram on brand recognition and the Star of David, click here.