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Advice for Recent Public Relations Graduates

In this month’s C-Brief, Rick Looser, President and COO of The Cirlot Agency, shares advice for young PR professionals looking to become leaders in the workplace.
“Leaders become leaders because people begin to depend on them,” said Rick.
Rick believes employers seek out people with a passion for learning because he says it is vital for leadership. He says new employees are incentivized to be enthusiastic the moment they start at The Cirlot Agency, which has proven to be a successful tactic in his book.
“We tell every new employee on their first day, ‘Be fired with enthusiasm or you will be fired with enthusiasm,’” said Rick.
The key for any young professional, according to Rick, is to become a dependable resource. He says if you become a necessity to others, respect and responsibility will follow.
See Rick’s full three-minute interview with The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at The University of Alabama, below.